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ExtrAnalytics is a no-nonsense scientific consulting service with expertise in Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Through our bespoke scientific consulting services, we map out, understand, and fill your knowledge gaps in brewing-associated sciences. Through our work with people, businesses, and (inter)national organisations, we quickly understand and address your needs, big or small.

Get in touch now to find out how our heavy lifting can help you focus on what matters to you.

More than twenty years of experience in research & problem-solving

The ExtrAnalytics team draws from significant experience in research, publishing, peer-review and management.. Collaboration is in our DNA. Get in touch with us to learn about a friendly and comprehensive service.

Brewing beer, conducting scientific research, and finding solutions are in our DNA. With over 20 years of research experience and more than 16 years in beer brewing, we appreciate the complexity that affects the consistency and quality of your beer product.

ExtrAnalytics will help investigate and systematically shakedown problems that affect beer quality. Get in touch to let beer design headaches and production issues become problems of the past.

As part of its brewing-related operations, ExtrAnalytics owns The Beerologist (https://thebeerologist.substack.com/) and The Brewing Browser (https://brewingbrowser.com/). Please visit our sites to learn more about what we do.

How we help: Our Services & Process


We will talk with you and define the problem or challenge at hand


We will process, analyse and interpret analytical results to get you attuned to your brew processes


We propose and help you execute a strategy that moves you forward.


We will help develop strategies that account for ability and feasibility

Meet The Beerologist

Edgar Huitema is a Research Group Leader and Brewer. He is the owner of ExtrAnalytics and writer for The Beerologist. Edgar offers a friendly, honest, no-nonsense service to brewers big and small.

John Doe
John Doe
If you wish to learn more about Edgar’s work, feel free to download his CV here or visit his Orcid record here

Edgar Huitema

Scientist, Brewer & Writer for The Beerologist

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