Welcome to The Beerologist. Where Science Meets Brewing Delicious Beer

Welcome to The Beerologist. Where Science Meets Brewing Delicious Beer

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

Beer, Science, Brewing- the Science of Beer Brewing. It doesn’t often happen when you get to combine the expertise you have developed over 20 years together with your hobby or interest. Perhaps it takes a global pandemic and a lockdown to gain a new perspective. Or maybe, one needs to accept that to pursue your dream or plan; the strategy does not have to come together straight away. 

Lockdown #1, circumstances, and the looming lockdown #2 have brought my goals into focus. I have a game plan and I am announcing it here.

As of November, The Beerologist is part of ExtrAnalytics

You now may ask yourself: “what is ExtrAnalytics?”. ExtrAnalytics is the Scientific consulting company that will make “The Beerologist” an important player in the brewery industry.

Combining 20 years of scientific research with nearly 20 years of brewing experience

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What The Beerologist will offer to brewing outfits, large and small.

The Beerologist will offer scientific consulting to (home) brewers. Its principal aim is to bridge the gap between (small) breweries, homebrewers and advanced research & diagnostics outfits. The Beerologist will empower (micro) breweries and home brewers at all levels to engage with the latest scientific research and diagnostics to solve problems. The Beerologist can:

Help you get started. You have your brew kit, ingredients, but now what??

Help to solve a problem that affects your precious beer. Your beer tastes off, but you don’t know what it could be. What can you do? How do I go about solving this problem? The Beerologist can help by suggesting a set of tests or small experiments to figure things out.

The Beerologist will empower you to interact and work with (diagnostics) laboratories that analyse beer. Where do you get samples tested? How do I start that conversation with the right company and make them understand what I want?

The Beerologist can make sense of the data that comes your way. Whether it is your analyses, diagnostics results or helping you understand the latest developments in beer brewing & science, we will take the time to explain what things mean. If we don’t have the answer, we will scour the published literature for it. Your challenge will be ours.

In a nutshell, The Beerologist wants you to brew your best beer. Every time. It does not matter where you are in your brew journey. It does not matter whether this beer is your first or you are an established brewer adopting a new process or approach. The Beerologist will be your bespoke brew support service, adding value to your brew-effort.

Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

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How will it work and impact me?

From December 1st, subscription to and engagement with The Beerologist will come in three flavours:

  1. The free subscription newsletter. It does what it says on the tin, bringing you a newsletter about the latest in the beer-related sciences.
  2. Paid Subscription to the Newsletter. Besides the newsletter, you will receive two free scientific consultation calls and enjoy a discounted rate on bespoke services (#3). Through suggestions and requests, you will also have some say about the content The Beerologist publishes.
  3. Bespoke Scientific Support service. If there is a benefit to you, the brewer, The Beerologist will offer bespoke scientific consultation. These consultations include help to get started (for the novices), brewing-associated troubleshooting (any level), advice on diagnostic analyses & making sense of diagnostic results (small breweries) and general advice on brewing (all levels). This bespoke service targets brewers of all levels and will only take place if we think we can meet your demands with our expertise.

An exciting road lays ahead for The Beerologist. I hope you will join and enjoy the ride with us!

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Best wishes,

Edgar, The Beerologist.

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